Animal Chiropractic

It started over 30 years ago when I met my wife and she introduce me to the world of dogs.  I had a small array of pets growing up, fish, turtles and a cat.  As we became a couple I realized that her 2 Border Terriers were part of the package.  We became active with our dogs in the sport called Earthdog, where terriers follow their natural instinct to follow a scent underground into tunnels

Animal Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care for Your Loved Animals

Over time I noticed that sometimes they would come back a little worse for wear.  Just like my human athletes, they’d have some mobility issues. A sore back, stiff and soreness when moving around, maybe a little grouchy around the edges indicating some pain and discomfort.

While we were still living in New Jersey I had heard about animals getting adjusted and met a mobile Veterinarian who specialized in canine chiropractic.  We began having our dogs adjusted and I noticed they were moving so much better and even their attitudes improved.  She became one of my mentors and showed me how to work with our dogs.  Fast forward to our relocation to Colorado in 2007 and now our friends and patients began inquiring if Chiropractic and Cold Laser Therapy could help with their horses. This was a new world.  We didn’t have many horses back in New Jersey where we lived so I began my study of Veterinary Chiropractic to get a better understanding of the inner and outer workings of our companion animals.   Besides being a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) I am also a CVCP (Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner).  I work together with your Veterinarian for the well-being and pain relief of your companion animals.   Using a combination of manual and instrument adjusting protocols along with Cold Laser Therapy the goal is to restore your pets’ mobility, reduce inflammation and relive their pain

Animal Chiropractic

Why Give Chiropractic Care To Animals?

One of my patients recently called me a “multi-species” practitioner.  I treat her entire family as well as her 3 horses and dog.  Chiropractic care is natural healthcare…no drugs or surgery.  We allow the body’s innate healing ability to work by restoring proper function to the spine and nervous system.  If you or your companion animal are tired of being in pain, call me and we can discuss some options to start feeling better. Remember, you’re not really living if you’re living in pain!

- Brittany S.Chiropractic Patient

"Dr. Jim is an amazing chiropractor! He uses a very gentle approach to his chiropractic adjustments! I love the laser therapy and muscle vibration tool technique! Thank you for your services Dr. Jim!"

- S.C.Chiropractic Patient

"I just wanted to let you know that I told my Primary Medical Doctor, who is an Osteopath about you and after my visit including a manipulation, about the treatments I have received from you, he was very happy with the improvement of my back along with my flexibility"

- K.E.Chiropractic Patient

"Dr. Campbell has saved my life. I was spiraling down, physically and mentally, due to the pain I was experiencing. In just one month, I’ve seen significant improvements in my physical and mental health. My thanks to Dr. Campbell for all he’s done for me."

- P.C.Chiropractic Patient

“I came into Dr. Campbell’s office with pain in my right and left wrist and my right shoulder and my neck and low back were bothering me also. I didn’t know what to expect but I am surprised at the outcome after only three visits. I recommend this to anyone who is having problems.”

- D.D.Chiropractic Patient

“I’ve made three visits and already I feel, think, and have clarity that I haven’t felt in seven years. I am coming alive again thanks to God and my doctor.”

- B.N.Chiropractic and Weight Loss Patient

“I started to see Dr. Campbell after my wife had had an emergency visit with him after which she praised him. He did a full exam and started treatment. Much to my surprise he did not beat on my bones. I started to feel better right away. He’s the best!”

- G.E.Chiropractic Patient

“Having suffered for over a year with a foot/heel pain I decided to give Jim a try. After having established from x-rays, that I had a degenerating disc and arthritis, Jim started manipulating my spine. After two visits I felt a definite improvement in the pain in my foot. Thanks Jim.

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