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House Calls

Why We Make House Calls

Some people find it difficult to make the trip to my office, so I can come to your home, office, farm or barn.  I have a portable chiropractic table for my human patients as well as specialized adjusting equiptment for humans, companion animals and farm animals.  You can receive the same high quality care that I provide in my Brighton office in the comfort of your own space.  I need very little room to set up and if electricity is a challenge, for instance, out in a field or away from facilities, I have a solar powered battery pack for any electricity that I would need.

House Calls

Who Receives House Calls

Who uses this service in Brighton CO?

  • Any person who is challenged with pain and mobility issues
  • The busy individual
  • Business Owners along with their employees
  • Athletes
- Brittany S.Chiropractic Patient

"Dr. Jim is an amazing chiropractor! He uses a very gentle approach to his chiropractic adjustments! I love the laser therapy and muscle vibration tool technique! Thank you for your services Dr. Jim!"

- S.C.Chiropractic Patient

"I just wanted to let you know that I told my Primary Medical Doctor, who is an Osteopath about you and after my visit including a manipulation, about the treatments I have received from you, he was very happy with the improvement of my back along with my flexibility"

- K.E.Chiropractic Patient

"Dr. Campbell has saved my life. I was spiraling down, physically and mentally, due to the pain I was experiencing. In just one month, I’ve seen significant improvements in my physical and mental health. My thanks to Dr. Campbell for all he’s done for me."

- P.C.Chiropractic Patient

“I came into Dr. Campbell’s office with pain in my right and left wrist and my right shoulder and my neck and low back were bothering me also. I didn’t know what to expect but I am surprised at the outcome after only three visits. I recommend this to anyone who is having problems.”

- D.D.Chiropractic Patient

“I’ve made three visits and already I feel, think, and have clarity that I haven’t felt in seven years. I am coming alive again thanks to God and my doctor.”

- B.N.Chiropractic and Weight Loss Patient

“I started to see Dr. Campbell after my wife had had an emergency visit with him after which she praised him. He did a full exam and started treatment. Much to my surprise he did not beat on my bones. I started to feel better right away. He’s the best!”

- G.E.Chiropractic Patient

“Having suffered for over a year with a foot/heel pain I decided to give Jim a try. After having established from x-rays, that I had a degenerating disc and arthritis, Jim started manipulating my spine. After two visits I felt a definite improvement in the pain in my foot. Thanks Jim.

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